The Meadowbrook Rehabilitation team has been fortunate enough to provide care for hundreds of valued community members. Below, find success stories and testimonials from those who have chosen to share their experiences.

Let me begin by saying that my mom has been to a few short-term rehab facilities in the past few years. In these facilities, I’ve always worried about her for various reasons (medications, attentiveness, safety, ect.). I’m honestly surprised that Meadowbrook does not have a higher rating. In fact, the last short-term rehab facility that my mom was in 6 months ago had over 4 stars. They were not good at all. I’m very picky where my mom stays and how she is cared for. She’s really all I have left. I’ve been caring for my mom for 3 years, in my home, in her hospital bed. It’s hard work. They care for my mom with respect, happiness (even when she wasn’t happy,) kindness and doing everything they can to help her. The things that I’ve had to call about or ask staff about were minor and they took care of it right away. Oscar in admissions was very helpful to me when my mom first got there as I was in an emotional state related to my mom’s health. He was supportive, encouraging, kind, and sympathizing. Kathy in insurance is also helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. Maria in social work is also great. PT, Nursing, etc is wonderful. If my mom cannot be home, then I want her there. It’s the first place my mom has ever said that she “liked.” Oh, and so many activities for them! And, a beautiful courtyard to sit outside on nice days.

5 Stars by Renee Roth

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